AppLayers App Theme

AppLayers is an Application landing page ideal for sites with mobile apps products. The template is also ideal for many other types of businesses.

  • Responsive Bootstrap Based Design
  • One Page Layout
  • Font Awesome Support


What AppLayers offers?

Unique and elegant designed WordPress theme ideal for mobile app landing pages and much more. The template offers plenty of flexibility options and customization option along with support for short codes.

Time Counter

Set date and time and it will show automatic counter when your product will go live. You can change settings such as day, months, hour and even seconds.

Subscription Form

Collect emails from your users and vistors who visit website. There is a beautiful subscription form which you can integrate with any email service provider to collect email subscribers.

Contact Form

When you’re launching a product, some people may show even more curiosity and even want to ask questions or have comments about your product. Collect messages using contact forms.

Beautiful Design

The one page, simple coming soon page can be a very ideal solution who wants to put something lightweight on their site until their website/product is ready for the market!